Confidential news tips

What’s a good news tip?

Good news tips are specific and substantiated. Please be as detailed as possible about the information you know. Names, dates, times, places, and any proof you have such as documents, photographs or video are vital elements of a good news tip. Expect us to need to follow up with you, so please ensure that we are able to reach you after you submit your tip.

Making contact

Email, call 778-557-7919 or message us on Facebook.

All tips are treated as confidential, but you may choose not to disclose your identity to us.

Anonymous contact
If you want to be anonymous, it’s best to create an email account on ProtonMail, Tutanota or a similar encrypted free email service that does not store identifying information. Our addresses are newsnanaimo at either of these services. ProtonMail and Tutanota have apps available in the app stores for iPhone and Android.

Encrypted messages
Encrypting your messages ensures that no one else can see the information you are sending to us, including your internet service provider. If you know how to use a PGP compliant email client, use this public key. Alternatively, use  ProtonMail or Tutanota to contact us as mentioned above under anonymous contact.

Whatsapp is a free messaging app that uses end-to-end encryption so only the sender and recipient can read messages, attachments or calls. It requires you to have a cellphone number. Add us at +1 778-971-6170

Sending us documents

Snail mail
Mailing printed documents is often the best approach. Contact us as explained above for an address to send to. Use a public mail box rather than a post office.

If you have a large number of documents, you can store them in electronic format on a USB flash drive, CD or DVD. If you want extra security for the files, save them in the Tails operating system and contact us later with the password we need to open the files.

Electronic transfer
Tails is an operating system that can hide itself on your computer without a trace and keeps your files encrypted. You need to install Tails on a memory device, such as a USB drive. That drive can then be used on any computer. It leaves no trace of the operating system or any changes made to files.

Once you have the documents, you can email them, again from the anonymous email account.

Alternatively and if the files are too large to email, you can send the electronic files via snail mail on a USB or DVD that is locked with a password. You could also upload them to Google Drive or Dropbox or another cloud hosting site and send us an invite to access them.

What to expect before publication

Throughout the research and publication process it is important that we have a way to communicate with you. We always take steps to verify and contextualize the information we receive. This can take a little or a long time, depending on the nature of the information you are able to provide. If your tip is detailed and is backed up by documents, things will move much more quickly. In all cases, though, we must verify any information you provide. If allegations are made against anyone, they almost always must be given an opportunity to respond and state their side of the story.