UPDATED: Woman arrested after threats made at City Hall

Investigators from outside of Nanaimo brought in to conduct investigation after threats allegedly made against numerous individuals

A woman was arrested at her home on Wednesday night for uttering threats following an incident earlier in the day at Nanaimo City Hall, News Nanaimo has learned.

The incident is being investigated by the RCMP Island District General Investigation Section rather than the local Nanaimo detachment.

Investigations are typically referred to officers outside of a local detachment to avoid any appearance of bias when they involve senior officials and politicians.

RCMP Island District spokeswoman Corporal Tammy Douglas said police “have an open and active investigation into an allegation of threats being made.

“As a result, a woman was arrested (Wednesday) night for uttering threats.”

Not a member of council

News Nanaimo knows the woman’s name but cannot publish it because she has not been formally charged. She is not a member of city council.

Cpl. Douglas said the investigators “are completing a fulsome investigation and will be speaking to all those involved.”

The woman has been released on “a Promise to Appear with conditions for court at a later date,” Cpl. Douglas said via email.

Sources told News Nanaimo that following the incident certain council members took additional security measures as a precaution on Wednesday night.

Staff witnesses to the incident were said to be shaken up. Additional security precautions are in place at City Hall with police seen patrolling the area.

Investigators took statements from staff and compiled a list of individuals against whom threats had allegedly been made.

They then contacted each person to advise they while they did not believe anyone was in danger, the alleged targets should report seeing the woman near their homes, places or work or other places they frequent.

There was no official word from the city about the incident, while Mayor Bill McKay and other members of council all said they could not comment.

Disclosure: This reporter was among the people against whom threats were allegedly made. RCMP informed me after this article was first published so I was unable to originally disclose this fact.


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  • The word “fulsome,” which means excessive, is certainly being fulsomely misused in the media these days. What the RCMP officer should have said is that a “full” or “complete” investigation is being conducted.

    Personally, I doubt whether the RCMP has ever conducted a fulsome investigation of anything — certainly not of all those missing women and other crimes of public interest we frequently hear about, such as the antics of corrupt senators.

    • Indeed, my immediate reaction when I saw, once again, the inappropriate use of this word. Comprehensive is the right one. And I hope they do!

  • The CAO in Nanaimo has created a toxic workplace and I would say it’s time for her to go. In fact, other than Diane Brennan, the whole council should be goine.