Comments policy

News Nanaimo encourages readers to post their own comments on stories, but we reserve the right to filter, edit or remove comments when they put us at risk of legal action.


Defamatory comments, including those expressed as questions or opinions, will result in comments being edited or removed.

Defamatory comments include those that accuse a person of breaking the law, being dishonest or having done something that amounts to those things. Words like trick, fraud, corruption, liar, scam etc. are all defamatory. Do not use them.

The exception is when the articles themselves explicitly make the same allegations being made in the comments. News Nanaimo will only make defamatory statements when we believe they can be justified in a court of law.

Foul languages and offensive content

News Nanaimo has an adult audience so some bad language is tolerated. But please try to keep your comments clean.

Avoid personal attacks on other participants in the comments section. Don’t use language that is threatening to others, or which is offensive to others.

Hate or discriminatory speech

We have a zero tolerance policy for any form of hate speech. Anyone engaging in what we consider to be hate speech will be permanently banned from commenting.

In general, there is no need to ever refer to someone’s race, language, religion, sexual orientation, abilities, heritage or even where they live or for how long.


We allow people who post comments to be anonymous. In general, however, their comments are subject to a higher level of review than comments made by people who identify themselves.