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Dominic Jones

My name is Dominic Jones. News Nanaimo is my website dedicated to covering news and happenings in the City of Nanaimo.

I have a background as a trained journalist and communications consultant with over 25 years experience.

I am a proponent of advocacy journalism. There is no such thing as neutrality in journalism so I don’t pretend to practice that.

The focus of News Nanaimo is to tell stories that otherwise are not being written about or reported due to the commercial limitations of traditional media outlets.

I try to delve deeper into the stories I tell, and there are no sacred cows to me. Primarily, I am interested in telling stories that powerful people don’t want told.

Being able to tell these stories requires time, resources and — most importantly — the absolute trust of my sources.

If you have story you believe isn’t being told, please get in touch.

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